Projects Can Be Complicated

Project Managers who simply create a project schedule are planning to fail.  Project Managers must manage all the stakeholders; understand the business case, the use of resources and the implications of projects on their business.

The management of projects should be on the agenda in every Boardroom.


Because today's projects are complicated, expensive and rarely isolated.   They need to be aligned with corporate goals, because they affect the entire organisation.

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Selecting the Right Tool

With these challenges in mind, consider X-Pert products when selecting a project management application for today's needs and beyond.

X-Pert has default settings that make it easy for the novice Project Manager to get started quickly.

PM Practitioners who understand the value of PERT diagrams, will love this tool.   Instead of focusing on work and time as in Gantt charts, etc., X-Pert will force you to focus on tasks and their dependencies.

Download X-Pert Features
Download the X-Pert Feature List (.doc file) to compare and contrast X-Pert to your existing planning and scheduling tools.

Download Demonstration Software
Visit Micro Planning International (the Australian website) and evaluate the demo version of X-Pert and explore all the functionality, (just a limited capacity).
Simply "sign in" using your email address and download the program for Windows or Macintosh, with the 28 page tutorial in .pdf.
Or call John Cornish now at +44 (0) 1725 553 199, email

If, before asking for the demo, you want to learn more about X-Pert then read a bit more on this page.

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Future Proofing

Successful projects need strong leadership, clear processes and a project-planning tool that can scale-up to meet the challenge from a single project, to several inter-related projects or even projects where parts are sub-contracted, or passed to over-sea divisions.

X-Pert is a recommended cost effective solution that meets all of these challenges.

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Micro Planner X-Pert from Micro Planning International Ltd

X-Pert is an acronym taken from Program Evaluation and Review Technique. P.E.R.T.    PERT is the core process used in professionally delivered, effective project management.

Plan to Make a Difference

The quality of your project planning is directly related to the tool you use.
If you are considering new Project Management software, consider the following -

  1. Resource Analysis
    Resource Analysis is a process that schedules work for resources (eg, people, cash, equipment, etc.)

    Using Micro Planner X-Pert, the analysis tends to level out the usage of resources.
    Resource Analysis produces a schedule of dates for every operation in the project showing when they should start and finish.
    X-Pert also produces totals for the usage of resources throughout the project.

    One method of Resource Analysis is called Deadline Critical - which overloads resources in preference to delaying deadline dates.
    However, this type of analysis can be partially overridden by imposing a limit or threshold over which the resource may not be overloaded.

    Bear in mind that if a Deadline Critical Analysis reaches a threshold; the compulsion to meet existing deadlines is replaced by a new priority - not to overload the resource any further.
    At this point, Micro Planner avoids exceeding the threshold by switching to another type of analysis - Resource Critical - which delays operations instead.

    This means that you may kick off with an analysis which does not delay the project but, if a threshold is encountered, end up with another type of analysis which does!

    A threshold quantity is preset to blank - meaning there is an unlimited (or infinite) threshold.
    If you want to bring a threshold into force, then a value greater than that which has been specified in the availability record must be entered.

    Thus the heuristics by which schedules resources is enhanced by intelligent decision making in swapping the type of Resource Analysis to produce an optimum solution.

    What's the benefit?
    The Resource Analysis within Micro Planner X-Pert reflects "real-life" situations. And by knowing how the algorithm is working enables you to use Resource Analysis with confidence and to give meaningful and trustworthy results for all your plans and schedules.

  2. Visual Communication Of Your Plan
    X-Pert X-Pert includes an excellent visual workbench in which you develop and communicate your plans.
    Network diagrams were specifically designed for plan development while Gantt charts were specifically designed for reporting.
    Network diagrams focus the planner on the relationships between chunks of work. Understanding and representing those relationships is cornerstone to good project management.
  3. Real World Modelling
    You have to be able to represent how your organisation works. You can show the tasks in two ways, either "Activity on Arrow" (ADM), or, "Task in Box" (PDM). X-Pert allows you to use either method or both in the same network. Then link in all the logical dependencies.   
    The ability to carry out "resource analysis" is a key aspect of real world modelling.
  4. Earned Value
    Earned Value answers the question "What did it take to reach the results that were achieved?"
    More importantly is shows much earlier when a project is heading for trouble.
    With Earned Value, you can tell before work is even started if the project has a chance of succeeding.
  5. Believable Results
    X-Pert X-Pert gives you absolute control on calendars, resources, time intervals with control to the nearest 15 minutes, consequently the results are more believable and worthy of your trust.
  6. Adaptable Software
    Projects take place over time and wherever time is involved so is change.
    Cost rates, personnel, equipment, inventories, plans all change. X-Pert X-Pert is designed to be adaptable to keep you plan aligned with reality. And you have the archives with you at all times to check the variances of the current project against the archived copy.

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X-Pert X-Pert is designed for use with Windows or Macintosh.

The latest version of X-Pert, released in November 2007 runs under

  • Windows, 8.1, (32 bit), with Oracle's free Virtual Box.
  • Windows, 7, Vista, XP, 2000.
  • For Apple Mac users use VMware
  • 64 bit processors using VMware

Whilst waiting for the Mac version of X-Pert X-Pert, use VMware, a seamless way to run windows on your Mac.

MPI has clients running X-Pert under 'VMware' software on the latest Apple Laptop.

This is a proven 'work around'. Learn more about VM Ware at

VMware Fusion 1.1 (for Mac OS X) - downloadable and priced around $80.00.

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X-Pert X-Pert delivers the power and flexibility demanded by managers responsible for single projects, sub-contracted projects or the integration of multiple projects within an overall corporate environment.

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Open System

X-Pert X-Pert is designed as an "open-system" where project data can easily be merged or imported from other X-Pert files or exported to popular project planning applications.

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Graphic Interface

X-Pert X-Pert's features are delivered via a user-friendly graphical interface for all data inputting and reporting - with default settings for all the major functions.   These default settings reduces the learning curve for a novice project planner.   Then, as one's skills develop or project requirements change, additional features can be brought into play to maintain full project control, enhance reporting and optimise outcomes.

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Data Entry

You can enter data into any of the following "views" of your project, e.g. the network logic diagram (PERT), Gantt chart, tables (spreadsheets), work breakdown structure (WBS), etc.

All of these views are interactive, and all data changes are propagated so that a change in one view automatically updates all other views with up to ten views open at any time.

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X-Pert has many report templates ready to use straight out of the box, including EV reports.

X-Pert includes a powerful 'Report Wizard' enabling you to customise reports to include just the data fields that are relevant to your project and project workers.

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Licence for Micro Planner X-Pert: approx. £700 (No VAT) (approx. US$999).
MPI will use exchange rates that are current on date of your order.
We offer price discounts on multiple licenses.
MPI Ltd will accept orders in Sterling or Euros.

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If that sounds interesting and you want to learn more about Micro Planner products then please call.

Main contact:
John Cornish MBA, FCIM, Chartered Marketer
Micro Planning International Ltd
Dorset, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1725 553199
Mob: +44 (0) 7799 516 735

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