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Free Project Management Downloads from Mosaic
Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd based in Australia will enhance success of clients by improving project management capabilities.

Tailored services for requirements of individual clients.
MPI Ltd is proud to be associated with Mosaic with whom it has enjoyed a close business relationship for over 30 years.


  • Release Notes for X-Pert Version 3.5 Download  150 KB. doc
    Powerful features added to enhance the performance of X-Pert
    In X-Pert 3.5
      the width of a task box indicates its duration,
      coloured boxes indicate progress & criticality and
      PERT estimating of task durations enables you to run a truly optimistic or pessimistic schedule.
    Compare the results of those schedules by putting one into an archive.
    A great way to see uncertainty in your projects and develop best and worst case scenarios.
    Gain the benefits from these new features by opening your existing X-Pert project files with X-Pert version 3.5.
  • Services to Project Managers, Planners and Schedulers Download  150 KB. doc
    The best Project Management results are gained by integrating sound Project Management knowledge with supportive S/W applications.
    MPI is pleased to offer a range of services, that works well with X-Pert software, to enhance the probability of a successful project.
    Read more from the download.
  • Introducing X-Pert  Link to  60 KB. doc
    X-Pert "X-Pert" is a full-featured activity planning and resource scheduling software application.
    Able to provide multi-project analysis, customisable reporting and advanced resource management and earned value performance management
    Ideal for professional project managers.
    It is targeted for small projects as well as complex, major projects with project teams dispersed around the globe.

    X-Pert "Manager" is fully functional with a lower capacity.
    It is targeted for the occasional users or smaller projects.

    The two systems form a truly integrated low-cost, enterprise-wide solution.
  • X-Pert Demonstrator Link to
    Free unlicensed version of X-Pert for Windows or Macintosh - with .pdf tutorial
    The unlicensed version offers 150 tasks/nodes.
    First, sign up for an account.
    Personal information is safe and not passed to third-parties.
  • X-Pert Feature List Link to  150Kb .doc
    Technical list of features within X-Pert and its operating environments,
    Enables you to compare and contrast X-Pert with your favourite planning package.
  • Product Evaluation Check List Link to  100Kb .doc
    A checklist to evaluate project management software. Keep track of which software packages have which features.
    Capture comments on different packages.
    Please consider emailing any finished evaluations to John Cornish at MPI Ltd. Thank you.

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  • Resource Scheduling Link to  Paper .pdf
    Free download of the "Resource Allocation" .pdf
    Resource Allocation is most important for project managers.
    Two main problems:
    - resource levelling
    - resource scheduling.
    In this paper, the resource scheduling problem is handled using heuristics.
    Logic dependence and resource availability limits are considered after the time scheduling process.
    Both Resource Constrained and Time Constrained models are discussed.

    This paper was first presented by Raf Dua at the Project Management Institute's Conference in May 2008.

  • X-Pert Tutorial Link to
    Free download of the tutorial in .pdf
    First, sign up for an account.
    Personal information is safe and not passed to third-parties.

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  • Comparative Resource Scheduling Using Various Software Packages 948 Kb.pdf
    Resource Allocation is the important area of concern to construction management.
    Two main problems of resource allocation are "Resource levelling" and "Resource scheduling".
    Both Resource Constrained and Time Constrained models are discussed in this paper.

  • Implementing Project Management and Reporting into a Project Alliance 870 Kb.pdf
    This paper describes a Project Alliance Agreement with multiple partners who included the client (the Queensland State Government).
    It describes the initial project planning and use of multiple planning packages to deliver the reporting.

  • An Explanation for "Lag Drag" 150 Kb.doc
    This paper “Behind – the – Scenes” Look at Basic Schedule Calculation was presented at the 2006 PMI COS conference.
    It offers a comparison between APM and PDM” and demonstrates the process of overlapping the three PDM tasks and how the critical path computations are calculated.
    Using "Start to Start" and "Finish to Finish" links they demonstrate a major flaw in the PDM calculations.
    This flaw is known as “Lag Drag”.

    Download MPI's latest paper called Progressive Feedsand learn how "Lag Drags" can affect you project's calculations.

  • Basic Concepts of Multi Project Resource and Cost Scheduling 120 Kb.doc
    Complex projects have the problem of establishing good operational schedules and effective utilisation of resources.
    This can be challenging and occupies a great deal of senior management time.
    Management seeks economic benefit derived from resource scheduling and Critical Path Network planning software tools, such as Micro Planner X-Pert to produce the desired results.

    Download MPI's latest paper called Basic Concepts of Multi Project Resource and Cost Scheduling and apply the concepts to your organisation.

  • History Of Micro Planner X-Pert Software and MPI Companies  120 Kb.doc
    The paper provides a potted history of Micro Planner X-Pert.
    X-Pert is a project planning and scheduling software package that has been in continuous development since 1979.
    X-Pert is geared to the critical path method and PERT Network Diagrams for major, long-term projects.
    Its pedigree can be traced back to the ICL 1900 PERT mainframe package.
    X-Pert is thought to be the only planning application that fully supports the "Activity On Arrow" (ADM) project network process still in use today.

    Download the paper and see how the people and companies have worked together for over three decades in developing what many consider to be one of the very best project planning and scheduling tools in the World.
  • Using Cultural Change to Introduce Earned Value Performance Management 1.2Mb .doc
    The paper includes examples of the Earned Value Performance Measurement Inputs and Outputs.
    It illustrates how to gain support from staff.
    Plus Strategic Plans for implementing the cultural changes. "A good read".
  • Collaborative Working Agreements (CWAs) in the Construction Industry
    Updated on 26-Feb-2008
     1.4Mb .doc
    Several major Australian construction projects used the CWA methodology and transformed themselves.
    Focus is on delivering the value that the clients need, and if there is a willingness to challenge waste, poor quality, failed completion and cost over runs.
  • Basic Critical Path Methodology and Networking Techniques  280Kb .pdf
    An introduction to the principles of X-Pert and Network Techniques. After studying you should be capable of drawing fairly sophisticated networks. All the practical work can be achieved using the downloadable, demo version of X-Pert.
  • A Brief History Of Project Scheduling  90Kb .doc
    The evolution of scheduling from 1950's through to today.
    This paper includes contributions from veteran Project Managers who lived through and recorded their history and personal insights.
    Grateful thanks are acknowledged throughout.

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